CETech is a cloud based software solution for maintaining the essential components of a technical file, providing manufacturers and importers of consumer products with a means of demonstrating compliance with CE-marking legislation within the European Union. CETech covers electrical, toys and machinery products.

CETech is a logical and analytical tool. Through its application the organisation will benefit from a thorough understanding of the procedures involved in achieving and maintaining compliance with CE-marking legislation. Intuitive interfaces ensure all essential document details are captured and validated, for example when uploading a Declaration of Conformity or Test Report.

Graphical illustration of technical file content and gaps. The dashboard provides the organisation with a customisable overview of all products entered into the database allowing the user to drill down to individual products.

Many products fail due to unscheduled critical component changes. Manufacturers may be unaware of the implications of changing a critical component from a quality and safety perspective. This is often the cause of product recall as the product was considered hazardous and poses a serious risk of injury. CETech provides the means of demonstrating due diligence by scheduling regular correspondence with the Manufacturer or Agent providing details of changes to critical components.

It is a legal obligation to provide evidence of technical documentation to Market Surveillance Authorities in a timely fashion. The PCD provides a summary of supporting technical documentation, which may be provided to the Authorities during routine enquiries or at the first stage of an investigative process.

Provides a repository for harmonised standards and their amendments which can be applied to products. Products are identified when a standard has been superseded by a later amendment, prompting the update of technical documentation and retesting where necessary

Ensuring product maintains compliance with the latest editions of harmonised standards. Events are scheduled automatically from the issue date of test report. Track results of mitigating actions in the Product Audit Trail.

Schedule routine sample testing for products and capture results to satisfy EU regulatory requirements.

Ensuring fitted plug approval is maintained. Events are scheduled automatically from approval certificate issue date. Track results of mitigating actions in the Product Audit Trail.

Records all product activities including creation, updates, events, complaints and updates to technical documentation.

Captures batch imports including exposure, date placed on market, batch number and serial number range to meet legislative traceability requirements.

Monitor factory inspection frequency and upload latest inspection reports and assign compliance status to individual factories

View weekly RAPEX reports and other important websites from within the system to identify products posing a serious risk of injury or information that may necessitate updating the technical file components.

Capture and maintain risk assessments pre- and post-marketing in line with EU legislative framework.

Satisfy legal obligations under General Product Safety Directive by recording complaint details and assigning an appropriate status. Capture mitigating actions and track within the Product Audit Trail.