We were relying on inhouse systems and off the shelf products such as Excel , but they couldn’t sustain our growing business or satisfy the regulators requirements forever. So, we made the simple decision to adopt CETech and benefit from a dedicated compliance platform

  • Compliance – Using CETech demonstrates due diligence and a commitment to consumer product safety. CETech is aligned with the latest EU legislative framework and promotes a safety and compliance culture
  • Collaboration – Save time and money by allowing suppliers and business partners to upload technical documentation into CETech, which can be reviewed when required. This places the onus on the supplier and considerably reduces time spent dealing with large email attachments. CETech simplifies this process by identifying systematically the required technical documentation.
  • Control – CETech helps maintain a comprehensive, fully audited technical file and can be customised to match business demands or expanded as a business grows.
  • Reduce costs – By reducing the administrative burden of maintaining your product technical files. CETech helps you ensure your product is ready for market mitigating the risk of financial penalties. No hardware or software capital expenditure required as CETech is available in the Cloud.
  • Intuitive– Simple and elegant interface design provides you and your business partners with a simple mechanism for uploading, reviewing and approving technical documentation. The system will allow you to capture the status of a range of products within seconds displayed via the graphical dashboard or through data exports.
  • Scalable – CETech can grow with your business with low cost licensing and storage on demand
  • Reduce risks – CETech helps reduce the risk of design changes impacting product safety by providing a mechanism for requesting design or critical component changes from suppliers and manufacturers. CETech provides an immediate and comprehensive response to enforcement agencies.